How Quick Access Works

Our rapid response app keeps your entire incident management and crisis response plan securely located just one touch from the people who may need access in a heartbeat.


Create and upload your incident management and rapid response plan to one secure, easy-access location.


Have each person on your incident management team download your comprehensive plan to their phones.

Send Alerts

Pre-define custom alerts for every situation, so you can alert the right rapid response personnel in seconds.

Crucial Features for a Rapid Response

Panic Button App

The first priority for any rapid response plan is access to a reliable panic button.

Evacuation Map

Uploading a digital evacuation map, color-coded for each route, helps people escape danger in a hurry.

Digital Flip Charts

Ensure that your incident management team has constant access to the flip charts they need.

Always Available

With the rapid response plan available on their mobile devices, your team is always armed with crucial details.

App Screenshot

Everything Needed to Respond in Seconds

  1. Execute the plan:

    Your crisis response plan gives your staff critical, life-saving information when they need it. Plans are saved on the device for quick and intuitive access while staff are under duress.

  2. Receive relevant alerts:

    Alerts give your staff real-time information as a crisis or emergency unfolds. Alerts allow the response team and other staff members the details needed to act quickly—mitigating the negative effects of a crisis as much as possible.

  3. Take the Panic out the Panic Button:

    With the customizable, built-in panic button at their finger tips, staff can request help or hail emergency responders immediately—without the need to ever leave Quick Access and the response plan it stores.

Still not sure whether Quick Access is right for your incident management team?

Consider the Features

Consult Our Crisis Planning Experts

To see exactly how Quick Access can help protect the people and properties you're responsible for, request a demo or consult one of our knowledgeable crisis planning experts to discuss customization options for your electronic emergency response plan.