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When you, your staff, or local emergency service providers need immediate access to the school’s Emergency Response Plan, and time is critical, one touch to Quick Access on the electronic device provides instant, potentially life-saving information.

Your device. Your plan. No wait.

Quick Access is an application on personal and school devices of staff, key individuals and officials you select. Emergency Response Plans are stored on secure, cloud-based infrastructure with individual components indexed for ready access, viewable on smart phones, tablets and computers. No fumbling with or trying to locate paper plans during an emergency, or scrolling through pages of your plan on an electronic device to find a particular document.

Tailored to you.

Quick Access allows customization of your plans for the various levels of staff and others, and their need to have access to specified components.

Emergency Response Team: Complete access to entire plan

General Building Staff: Quick reference to sheltering, evacuation, and more

School District Officials: Ability to view any school’s plan within the district and access relocation sites, communication systems and other critical information

Emergency Service Providers: Access to building maps, utility shut-offs, and other pertinent components

One size fits all.

Quick Access is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind and is cost effective for any school or district looking to provide all staff and emergency service providers with access to emergency response plan procedures and information.

$350 per year, per site. One time $200 setup, per site.

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