Safety is our main concern. Quick Access has helped to insure the safety of our patients, residents and staff by allowing instant access to essential information to mitigate an event through a faster response and by a more knowledgeable staff. We really like the Alert feature Quick Access provides in notifying staff of a potential or actual dangerous or emergency event.

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Randal Pederson Randal Pederson
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Tioga Medical Facility - North Dakota

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Ensuring Health and Safety

Quick Access gives you the power to better ensure the health and safety of your patients, medical personnel, and other staff in the event of a natural disaster or other non-health related emergency. With your carefully designed crisis response plan literally in hand on the Quick Access mobile app, employees, including the crisis event response team, can immediately access critical details.

When such an emergency arises, there’s no time to go searching for information regarding infrastructure issues such us elevator restart procedures, utility shut-offs, fire alarm troubleshooting, location of stored chemicals and hazordous materials, and so on. Armed with the Quick Access app, instead of searching for answers, your team can spend every precious second responding to the emergency.

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Life-Saving Features in a Critically Convenient App

Panic Button

If and when a non-health related crisis occurs, your healthcare professionals and staff can rely on the Quick Access panic button to alert your crisis response team—or program the panic button to dial 911 instead.

Continuity of Care

As part of your emergency response plan stored on the Quick Access app, you can supplement your continiuity of care efforts by including a plan for continuation or quick resumption of facility operations after any disruption of services.

Digital Floor Plans

Upload your crisis-related floor plans to the Quick Access app, so personnel can immediately see the locations of emergency exits, emergency equipment, and safety equipment—from crash carts and relevant medical supplies to fire extinguishers and portable generators.

Custom Alerts App

Program custom alerts to communicate time-sensitive information with your staff during a crisis event. Using our distribution lists, you can also quickly alert the appropriate people—e.g., send alerts specifically to nurses, maintenance, or security without distracting any group with irrelevent details.

Take a Closer Look at Quick Access

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