Quick Access has allowed our employees to use their electronic devices to access critical emergency response documents instead of rummaging through an antiquated large binder. Employees on scene of an emergency have response strategies at their finger tips. Quick Access, by the nature of what it does for our hotel properties across five states, increases the level of safety for our guests and staff.

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Chuck Summers Executive Vice President of Operations
General Hotel Corporation - Indiana

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Catering to the Safety-Conscious Guest

The hospitality industry is currently facing a "crisis incident" crisis. Prospective guests are, frankly, terrified by recent tragedies, and many are booking reservations with hotels that have adopted tech-savvy security measures that exceed the security protocols of years gone by. A large segment of travelers—not to mention insurance agencies & hotel attorneys—now expect evidence that a clear hotel emergency response plan is in place, and many expect electronic access to key components of the plan.

With the Quick Access app loaded on your staff's phones or tablets, your hotel can confidently assure guests your entire service team has constant access to the panic button, color-coded hotel evacuation maps, utility shut-off procedures, key contact numbers, and every other aspect of your rapid response plan—all in digital format.

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Life-Saving Amenities in a Luxuriously Convenient App

Panic Button

If and when a crisis occurs, your staff and guests need an immediate, reliable way to alert the proper channels. With Quick Access, you can program the guest panic button to contact the front desk and program the staff panic button to dial 911.

Hotel Emergency Response Plan

Conveniently manage all aspects of your hotel emergency response plan in advance—from granting key people access to business continuity procedures after an emergeny to controlling which personnel can access other sensitive info and procedures—all from a single app.

Custom Alerts

Pre-program custom alerts to send time-sensitive communication—with the touch of a button—to guests and/or staff during an emergency. Situation-based distribution lists let you ensure the right people receive the right info at the right time.

Electronic Emergency Evacuation Plan

Give your guests & employees the peace of mind that comes with instant access to your emergency evaction plan—right from their phones. Quick Access lets them see color-coded evacuation routes, room safety measures, nearby medical facilities, and more.

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